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Current Lab Members

Josh Jackson

Rosenzweig Associate Professor in Personality Science

Dr. Jackson studies the development and assessment of personality. His current research involves three overlapping questions: 1. How do life experiences impact and ultimately change one's personality? 2. What are the processes by which personality influences important life outcomes, specifically educational attainment and health? 3. What is the optimal way to measure one's personality?

Emorie Beck

Graduate Student

Emorie is a graduate student at Wash U. She studies the measurement and development of personality, both at the population and individual levels. She is interested in better understanding the mechanisms behind personality (e.g. patterns of affect, behaviors, and cognitions) that give rise to the stable patterns we call personality traits. She is currently using network science to better understand these patterns across different people, times, and contexts. She is also broadly interested in the scientific study of morality and moral judgment, decision-making, social cognition, and information processing.

Leah Schultz

Graduate Student

Leah is a graduate student at Wash U. She is interested in how individuals select into the environments that fit them best, how to conceptualize and measure person-environment fit, and individual differences in personality traits and values across different academic majors and occupations.

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