PMaD Lab Updates

Keep up with the PMaD Lab's latest news and successes.


The PMaD Lab welcomes incoming first year PhD student AJ Wright to the lab!


Emorie, Josh, and David Condon just realeased a new preprint "Interindividual Differences in Personality Structure" pdf


Lab alum Kelci Harris and current student Emorie Beck co-led the first hackathon at the Association for Psychological Science annual conference in Washingotn D.C. OSF


Emorie and Josh's paper "Consistency and Change in Idiographic Personality: A Longitudinal ESM Study" was accepted for publicaation in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. pdf


Emorie's project, "Personalized Interventions: Using Networks to Change Behavior and Predict Outcomes", was chosen as one of three finalists for the SPSP Inside the Grant Panel Competition on May 3.


The current estmated time to run the bayesian latent growth curve models for Emorie's masters thesis is 700 days. The lab is thinking it might be time to upgrade some more powerful computers.


Emorie and Josh's comment on the use of idiographic networks to study personality structure, processes, and development was recently published in the European Journal of Personality.


Leah and Josh's paper on vocational interests was recently published in the Journal of Research in Personality. Congrats Leah!


Josh, Leah, Kelci, and Emorie spent the past weekend in Sacramento, CA, attending the biannual Association for Research in Personality (ARP) conference.
Kelci gave a talk on her research entitled "Dyadic development of personality and relationship quality" as part of a symposium called "Dynamics of personality traits and close social relationships."
Emorie gave a talk on her research entitled "More than the Sum of Its Parts? Using Personality Networks to Predict Outcomes" as part of a symposium entitled "Diverse Perspectives on Prediction."
Leah presented her research in a poster session. Her poster was entitled "What does it really mean to fit in? Comparing conceptualizations and consequences of P-E Fit."


Yet another exciting job placement coming out of the PMaD lab...Kelci learned today that after graduating from WashU this semester, she will begin a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Elizabeth Page-Gould, studying friendship and relationships in the Embodied Social Cognition Lab at the University in Toronto. We're all so excited for Kelci as she begins the next step of her academic adventure! Kelci is currently seeking tips from her upper-Midwest-raised labmates on how to survive subzero temperatures.


Sara learned today that after graduating from WashU in May, she will begin a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Dan Mroczek, studying personality and health at Northwestern University (her alma mater!). The PMaD Lab is so thrilled for Sara, and hopes that she will return to visit them someday when she is a famous health psychology researcher.


Dr. Josh Jackson was officially installed today as the Saul and Louise Rosenzweig Associate Professor of Personality Science. Chancellor Wrighton and Dean Schaal spoke about Josh's numerous accomplishments during his academic career. Dr. Randy Larsen also spoke about the fascinating history of Saul Rosenzweig, including his correspondence with Sigmund Freud and his development of the Picture-Frustration Study (used in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange!).

Josh then spoke about his own research on personality development across the lifespan. He highlighted the challenges inherent to developing personality change interventions to encourage advantageous behaviors, such as those related to conscientiousness. Many psychology faculty were in attendance, as well as Josh's grad students and his family, to support him as he received this great honor. Congratulations to Josh!


Kelci, Leah, and Emorie spent the past weekend in sunny San Antonio, TX, attending SPSP 2017!

Kelci spoke at a symposium along with Katie Finnigan (UC-Davis), Carol Tweten (MSU), and WashU postdoc Felix Cheung. Her talk was titled "Time to Start Getting 'Real': The Transition from College."

Leah presented her poster at the Lifespan Social-Personality preconference: "Our Majors, Ourselves: Selection and Socialization in the Context of Academic Majors."

Emorie gave a data blitz on between- and within-person analyses of personality networks at the Dynamical Systems and Computational Modeling preconference, and later presented her work at the Emotion poster session: "Emotion and Information Processing in Dynamic Blame Judgments."


After graduating from WashU in November, Anissa began working this week as a data analyst for a software company in Minneapolis, MN. The PMaD Lab misses her and wishes her all the best in her new career!


Leah Schultz, M.A. (!) defended her master's thesis today. Her talk was titled, "What Does Your Major Say About You? Selection, Socialization, and Person-Environment Fit in the Context of Personality Development."